Town Planning

Urban Terrain is experienced in a wide range of town planning projects focussing on strategic and statutory planning. Whether planning a new community for 60 000 residents or a small residential infill development, Urban Terrain has the experience to deliver positive outcomes for its clients.

Urban Design

To assist our clients in the delivery of progressive planning outcomes, Urban Terrain works hand-in-hand with all relevant stakeholders including architects, engineers and surveyors to produce quality urban development.  Urban Terrain has experience designing activity centres (both small and large scale), residential subdivisions, town centres, transit-orientated developments, retail precincts, road cross sections and design guidelines associated with structure plans. 

Project Management


Urban Terrain specialises in the coordination and management of strategically appointed project teams.  Our company’s vast network of planning and development experts allows us to quickly assemble project teams whose skills and experience are aligned with the requirements of each project.